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Prof. Basab Chaudhuri


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West Bengal State University

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Vice-Chancellor Message

From September 8, 2015 till date, September 18, 2019: more than four years have passed by. I am privileged to have worked in this university during this period and to have played my part as Vice Chancellor. Quite a few new things have happened in the last four years; the most important of all has been the reforms in examinations that have improved the image of the university in public eye and holding of Convocations. I have got enormous support from all concerned. The high office of His Excellency the Honourable Chancellor; the office of the Honourable Minister-in-Charge, the Additional Chief Secretary, the Principal Secretary, the other education officials, have come forward with help, support, assistance and encouragement every time. I express my gratitude to all of them.


New faculties and officers have joined the university; I hope they will add value and vigour to teaching, research and academic administration. Competition in higher education is increasing day by day and if we have to survive, we have to excel. We being members of a State University have to be on our toes so that service to the students can be rendered even in the most adverse circumstances.


Determination, dedication, commitment are words often used in lectures. But the words get life when action justifies their use. This university gets a large number of first-generation learners and as long as such students cannot walk confidently in broad daylight and show their academic excellence, the work of the university will remain incomplete.


If we have to change this world and make a difference, we should talk a little less and work a little more. The world indeed watches, so we must be careful. I believe that persons without integrity are quickly identified. Therefore, we all should be honest and sincere. These are some of the pristine virtues and the more we practise them in life, the better we can train our students to build a civilized society.


Now-a-days, websites are spokespersons on behalf of the university. This website is new. All those associated in making the website functional and those using them are contributors to the university in one way or the other. As a new-born cannot start speaking from the first day, a new website may not fulfil all the expectations of the university community from the word go. Patience is the virtue of virtues and I hope all concerned will show patience with us. The university is here to serve through spreading the light of education. Let’s not fail in our mission. We are here to serve the interest of the students and let this website serve them more than anyone else.

Qualifications:  PhD in Chemical Engineering


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